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Welcome to PRECO INC.

Product Research and Engineering Company

PRECO INC is a full service manufacturing company. Founded in 1969, the company has grown in both its manufacturing and design capabilities.

PRECO INC has emerged as the preferred supplier of natural gas odorizers for a number of natural gas utilities, industrial plants and engineering companies.

PRECO INC has years of experience in building both its own products as well as customer propriety products. Our on site staff of experienced engineers, machinists and fabricators can design and fabricate your products. We can also develop alternative products to replace problem items. If you are in need of a design and fabrication company, PRECO INC can meet your needs.

Natural Gas Products  

PRECO's INC "field friendly" odorizers are preferred by operations personnel due to their easy to understand operation and low maintenance requirements. Our unique adjustable pulse bottle make the PRECO INC Pulse ByPass the most relaible and easy to understand unit in the industry.

Our meter switches have been used by utilities and AMR companies in lieu of either more costly alternatives or for older meters that have no readily available AMR modules.


Manufacturing Services  

Do you have a process in your plant that requires constant attention by an employee? Do you have repetitive operations? Are any of your employees in close contact with dangerous equipment? Are you concerned about repetitive action disabilities? If so, PRECO INC may be able to design a machine that will make your plant safer, faster and more efficient.


Drive Line Tools  

PRECO INC has been a supplier of drive shaft centering tools since 1979. The tools are used between lathe centers to press, true and weld drive shaft assemblies. All centering tools are case hardened steel. Dealer inquiries are welcome.



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