designed for lower volume applications

pulse bypass odorization system

PULSE BYPASS Odorization System

The PRECO Pulse ByPass Odorization System has been designed for lower volume and lower pressure applications and offers a cost-effective alternative to pump type injection systems.

Principle of Operation

The operating principle of ByPass Odorization is to use higher pressure gas supply from the transmission line to introduce odorant vapors into a lower pressure feeder or distribution line. This is accomplished by diverting or bypassing un-odorized natural gas through an odorant filled day tank to mix with odorant vapors. Odorization occurs when the odorant saturated bypass gas is returned to the down streamline. A signal from a flow computer or a meter switch is received by the PRECO Sentinel II Controller to actuate the pulse bottle solenoid valve. The controls can operate on 110 VAC or 12 VDC Solar.

PRECO Pulse Bottle

Pulse Bypass

Control Cabinet

PRECO Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet (inside)

PRECO Control Cabinet - open

Key Features

  • Explosion Proof, Low Watt Solenoid Valve
  • Pulse Bottle with 0-300 cubic inches field adjustable volume
  • Day Tank with Odorant Liquid Level Sight Gauge
  • Bulk Tanks ranging from 20 gallons to 1450 gallons are available
  • Modular Containment Tubs or Base Skid Frames
  • Flow Tracking Controller
  • Charcoal Vapor Canister
  • Solid state controller
  • Intrinsically Safe Meter Interface Switch Control
  • Odorant Temp. Gauge
  • Solar Controls and Solar Panels with Gel Cell Battery (Optional)
  • Receives either a PRECO meter, flow computer, or 4-20 milliamp signal
  • Field Manual with installation drawings included in control cabinet
  • NEMA 3R aluminum enclosure control cabinet
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Frames and Containments
  • Easy modular installation

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