Real time Odorizer access

Automated Controls Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

The PRECO Automated controls and Remote Monitoring solution works with both Pulse Bypass and Pump Injection Odorizers to provide access, monitoring, reporting, and alarms on key metrics.

Principal of Operation

The automated controls are accessible via a Secure IP Address, and are compatible with SCADA and other Networks.  It securely stores data on GM10 Data Module, or sends to your server.

  • Works with both Pulse ByPass & Pump Injection Odorizers
  • Remotely monitor Tank Level, Odorization Rate, Battery Voltage, Odorant Usage, Pulse Rate, Odorant Temperature, Flow, & More
  • Real Time Access to Odorizer via Secure IP Address
  • Allows for Secure Data Storage On GM10 Data Module or sent to your server
  • Compatible with SCADA & other networks
  • Alarm Capability to let you know when maintenance is required
  • Generates periodic reports
  • Ideal for distributed workloads

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